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This formula is made from scratch, using high-quality luxury oils, mixed into a thick cream; a little goes a long way! Non-greasy, deliciously scented vegan formula. Please choose scent from dropdown menu.

Cashmere: Envelop yourself in this warm and calming scent with notes of light citrus, vanilla and warm musk. Cashmere spells luxury. A Soap Box Company favorite!

Get Off My Lawn: Hey kids, get off my lawn! The heady scent of a perfectly-manicured green lawn in the summertime. A unisex scent.

Strawberry Cake: Mmm....a delicious yellow cake with strawberry filling, bursting with whipped cream and custard. This body butter has the intense almond and vanilla scent of a lovely cake with the sweet fruity lightness of fresh strawberries. 

Wild Strawberry Lemonade: Sweet lemonade at a summer picnic, sweetened with wild strawberries plucked fresh from the vine. This scent is delicately fruity, with that elusive, ethereal scent of wild strawberries, fresh squeezed lemons, and sugar.

Upgraded packaging features a substantial 4 oz. glass jar to encourage reuse.


What buyers are saying:

My 9 year old daughter just had to take a shower now to use this (I bought for her since she's out in the sun a lot this summer and her skin dries out). She smells so great! I touched her hand and it's silky smooth! Best of all the scent is more like a light angel food cake with fresh strawberries- very nice but not over the top. It smells soooo good!! I love it! A little bit goes a long way! [Strawberry Cake]

I LOVE this scent . It's definitely a more mature grownup scent of cake. Not over the top, just easy nice cake smell and the shea butter is very moisturizing. Lovely!!                                     

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