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Arcana Updates

Frivolous Aside Perfume: A silly, sexy little blend which flirts shamelessly, teases everyone at the party, and flashes the top of its garter on the balcony. Bubbly champagne cocktails, vanilla frosting, deep pink musk, sugar cubes, toasty coconut, and a soft compress for your head the next morning.

Returning Yules:
Frozen Heart
Three Bears
The Santa's Minions

Shop for them by clicking here.

**At this point, we can't be certain if we will be able to offer the official Arcana Yule update this year before we close. It typically takes 2 weeks for us to get the products in from Arcana once the update is released and available for preorder on our site. We'll keep you updated if this changes, but Arcana did give us the above release before we go! 


A tiny but delightful update from Arcana is here! Not yule yet, but soon.

New Soaps: St. John's Apothecary Vanilla Honey and Labdanum
Returning Limited Perfumes: Honey Vanilla, Leaves Falling Like Rain and Red Giant.
Sample Perfumes: Now available in Leaves Falling Like Rain and Red Giant! 

See our What's New section to shop for these new smell goods!

The Fortunetelling Duo: Chicanery & Chimeras and Fire of Water are now restocked and available.

Sample sizes of Spirit & Shadow are now available for a limited time.

We are overstocked on The Cocos Nucifera Collection 5 ml perfumes and now have them on sale during our big birthday sale. You'll also find the matching lip gloss and soaps on sale for a limited time too!

Restocks in: Facial Mask Packets, Halloween Perfumes and other goods are now here.

We have all of our Halloween perfumes in and if you haven't received a shipping notice yet, you will very soon! There are a few fragrances we are out of/low on and will be ordering more soon. Look for them to be available again in the next few days.

Arcana Halloween soaps are all in and wow, the new soap fragrances are fantastic! You won't be disappointed with them. Perfumes are on the way and we still anticipate them arriving and pre-orders shipping around October 10th. If there are any perfumes listed above that you no longer see on the site but want to order, just send us an email and we'll get it for you.

We were able to score a few bottles of pre-released Halloween limited editions from the past:
Dancing in the Boneyard
Hobbedy's Lantern
Kincardine Maiden
Mulled Apple
Serve in Heaven

Restocks on the following perfumes are now available:
Last Hours
Filthy Viking
Vampire's Garden
Philtre #5: Embrace (5 ml & sample size)
Danced to Pieces (5 ml)
Queen Crossbones (5 ml)
Latitude (5 ml)
Dive (3.7 ml)
Drool (3.7 ml)
The Sweet Trade (sample size)

We now have perfume samples available in Queen Crossbones & Murder Ballad Blues.

Bloom perfume oil (from The Cocos Nucifera Collection) is completely sold out.

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