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Mini Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub

This moisturizing and cleansing whipped soap with organic sugar added for exfoliation gently polishes and softens skin. A scrub and body wash in one!.


Scented Hair Spray

I’ve always been charmed by the idea of a bygone era when women scented their hair with a signature perfume. You can coordinate with your...


Sol Bacio Perfume Oil

Characteristic Scent: Bright bursts of pink grapefruit, mandarin orange, sweet lemon peel and bergamot, softly grounded in summer chamomile and...

Tapadero Fragrance Oil

True enough, you're everything Buffalo Bill said you were. Some days you'd never admit it—and other days you find yourself trying...

Truffle Trade Soap

Characteristic Scent: A neglected box o' chocolates - cherry cordials, coconut creams, almond clusters, raspberry parfaits - covered in dust,...