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Chamomile & Willow Bark Scrub

Chamomile & White Willow Bark Sugar Scrub - We used both Chamomile and White Willow bark extracts in this sugar scrub. It is unscented, but has a.

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Peachwood Hand & Body Lotion

Scent description: Juicy heirloom peaches on an aged wooden table, with a hint of sweet sassafras and resins. The scent of simpler times and simpler..

Pink Tea Soap

CHARACTERISTIC SCENT :  Crisp green tea infused with raspberry, peach, and blueberry, sweetened with tonka, and a light breath of neroli. A Soap.

Tapadero Fragrance Oil

True enough, you're everything Buffalo Bill said you were. Some days you'd never admit it—and other days you find yourself trying...