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Autumn offerings from Alkemia Perfumes:

Scandal at the Savoy: A scandalously debauched blend of mandarin peel, guaiac wood, cigars in a cedar humidor, fine polished oak & opium soaked pralines.

Peaches in the Summer Wind: Lusciously ripe late summer peaches, peach leaves, freshly mowed hay & ash-splint wood orchard baskets

Les Courtisanes: A sophisticated flirtation of juicy pear, peach blossom, apricot & lychees with nutmeg on a sensual bed of warm amber, slightly narcotic white flowers & sweet woods

Green Carnation: A naughty philtre of carnations, dianthus, absinthe, green patchouli & bay rum

Sailing to Byzantium: A scholar's blend of dried ivy leaves, lotus root, and oakmoss; Provence lavender, tonka & mist soaked tweed warmed by green cardamom; rare incense woods; and the papyrus paper, soft leather, and ink from a worn travel journal.

Autumnalis: A wandering through woods in early autumn... sunlight warmed autumn leaves; maple wood; wild morel fungi; silver birch tar; slightly soapy wood musk; crushed hayscent ferns; autumn crocus saffron; dry golden amber; dried oakmosses & a touch of vetiver root. 

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